Womens Charm – Pendant ref. 799413C01

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Womens Charm – Pendant ref. 799413C01 DescriptionWomens Charm – Pendant ref. 799413C01



Womens Charm – Pendant ref. 799413C01 DescriptionWomens Charm – Pendant ref. 799413C01

4 reviews for Womens Charm – Pendant ref. 799413C01

  1. Deborah A

    The purchase that I just received was a case for my Effy jewelry. It is really great and everything fits in there so nicely. Seems to be made of good quality. I would like to comment on my Effy Jewelry as well. I LOVE them, every piece. We bought my first piece in Cozumel, after winning a beautiful pair of diamond studs on the RCL cruise ship. My second purchase was on another cruse ship and the most recent was in Curaçao. So now I’m the proud owner of the diamond studs, a ring, a matching necklace, and pretty close to matching earrings. I wear them every day and of course get lots of complements. The quality and detail are excellent. I also feel a connection to your company since I was born and raised outside of NYC. The only other comment I have is I wanted the small travel cleaning bottle/case etc and the Port Shopping department from our RCL ship tried to get me one in Curaçao, but they were out and I feel it is way too much to pay on your site. It would work well since we take many cruises and we live and travel the US in our RV. Blessing to you. Thank you.

  2. Shannon Betts

    FABULOUS jewelry and FANTASTIC customer service.

  3. Nancy

    Exceptional jewelry, craftsmanship and design. Great service, quick delivery. Well worth it.

  4. Amy Kruse

    I’d been yearning and saving for an Effy ring I saw about 4 years ago at Helzberg. FINALLY… it was time. Went to my local store & turns out that one doesn’t carry Effy at all any more (some do). I was so sad! Came home & looked online at the Effy store – they still have it! I decided since I’d already tried it & seen it IRL I could take a shot at an online order. I was THRILLED. Super easy purchase, fast ship … and when it got here, I was very impressed with the packaging. NO WAY was that ring getting damaged short of the box being crushed flat by a steamroller. Of course the ring itself is gorgeous… on sale… and less than it would have been in a store. 10/10 will buy Effy again. I still want to see/touch/feel something IRL before buying, but I’ll check the website first before actually purchasing.

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